Norwegian National Theater

Norwegian National Theater


(Nationaltheatret), the state drama theater of Norway.

The Norwegian National Theater was opened in Oslo in 1899. It has been a center of Norwegian theater since the early 20th century. It has staged the best works of Norwegian and foreign dramaturgy, including N. Grieg’s Barabbas (1927) and Our Honor and Our Might (1935), Wolf’s Professor Mamlock (1935), Lagerkvist’s The Hangman (1935) and Victory in the Dark (1939), Čapek’s Mother (1940), Kielland’s The Lord and His Servants (1955), He Who Said No (1959), and Her Highness My Wife (1961), and Christov’s With a Red Passport (1958). The theater’s repertoire includes plays by L. Holberg, H. Ibsen, B. Bjørnson, K. Abell, and B. Brecht. Its troupe has included at different times such actors as S. Reimers, J. Dybwad, A. Mowinckel, J. Fahlstrøm, A. Oddvar, G. Grieg, T. Segelcke, and A. Maurstad.


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The theater in Christiana, now Oslo, produced mostly Danish plays and even the rare Norwegian play only in Danish, and so highlighted not only the continuing dominance of Danish culture in the decades after 1814 when Norway came out from under the political domination of Norway, but also the lack of a Norwegian national theater.

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