Norwegian Sea

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Norwegian Sea,

part of the Atlantic Ocean, NW of Norway, between the Greenland Sea and the North Sea. It is separated from the Atlantic by a submarine ridge linking Iceland and the Faeroe Islands, and from the Arctic by the Jan Mayer Ridge. The warm Norwegian Current gives the sea generally ice-free conditions.

Norwegian Sea


an outlying arm of the Arctic Ocean, located between the Scandinavian Peninsula on one side and the Faeroe Islands and Iceland and the Shetland, Jan Mayen, and Bear islands on the other. Area, 1,383,000 sq km; maximum depth, 3,734 m.

The Norwegian Sea is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by an underwater ridge, which forms the Faeroe and Shetland islands; the distance above the ridge to the surface does not exceed 600 m. There are shoals (for example, the Lofoten Banks) near the coast of Norway.

The warm Norwegian Current passes through the Norwegian Sea and renders it ice-free. In most parts of the sea the temperature of the water is 2°–7°C in February and 8°-12°C in August. The salinity is 34–35. 2‰. The Norwegian Sea has semidiurnal tides, measuring up to 3.3 m. It is rich in fish (cod and herring). The main ports are Trondheim, Tromsø, and Narvik (Norway).

Norwegian Sea

part of the Arctic Ocean between Greenland and Norway
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The Norwegian Sea will be transferred to the Asia-based Star fleet in the spring of 2005, enabling NCL's parent company to go forward with its plans to modify its fleet with relatively modern vessels of medium capacity rather than megaships.
The fishing in the Norwegian sea is a very serious threat.
Norway-based Statoil (NOK: STL), an international energy company with operations in 40 countries, has announced a successful gas strike at its 6407/2-6 S exploration well around five kilometres north of the Mikkel field, in the Norwegian Sea.
Some 79 blocks or parts of blocks will be offered, 51 in the Norwegian Sea and 28 in the Barents Sea.
After the four-man crew landed back in Northumberland, their Sea King helicopter was checked and made ready for a second crew to make the same 180-mile outward trip to take over from a Norwegian Sea King.
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The transaction covers a 20% stake in the Njord field in the Norwegian Sea and a 12% stake in the Snohvit deposit in the Barents sea.
One of the worst was in 1989 when the giant Komsomolets sank in the Norwegian sea, killing 42.
Now sediments from the bottom of the Norwegian Sea bolster this theory, report Hans P.

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