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In Norway, on the other hand, the focus is more on NRK being the only media company that is actively working to preserve Norwegian language and culture.
The data from this study illustrate that AI students struggle to produce and publish texts in the Norwegian language as required within their study programme.
"Knowledge of the Norwegian language apparently has little significance," said Liv Anne Storen, sociologist and the author of the report, according to the Norwegian broadcaster NRK.
They didn't have their own strong, Norwegian language and Ibsen was one of the first who used this invented new language.
Telhaug teaches immigrants Norwegian language and culture at the education center.
Developments in the club's website are planned in the New Year with Chinese and Norwegian language versions to be launched.
The word is a variety of the word for government in the minority version of the two officially used versions of the Norwegian language. The owner of the domain has said that he has tried to get the government to understand the importance of domain names in both language versions.
Gradually the Norwegian language was forced to give way to Danish.
'Flo-pasning', or 'Flo pass', became part of the Norwegian language after the tall Jostein perfected the art of placing his head under a ball landing near goal after it was booted towards the stratosphere from Norway's defence.
A Norwegian language version of the site was launched in February this year and is available at
True, the Norwegian language uses different words to denote heterosexual wedlock (ekteskap) and its gay counterpart (partnerskap)--but sometimes (as in my residency papers) it uses ekteskap for both.
Olaf as a teacher of Norwegian language and literature and the history of Norwegian immigration.

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