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Author Mary Straus would like to extend special thanks to Jill and her taste testers: Etta, Raisin' (a 75-year-old Cairn Terrier), and Chip, a 12-year-old Norwich Terrier).
Border terrier, Norwich terrier and Norfolk terrier Good natured dogs which get on well with other animals, adults and children.
Straus and her Norwich Terrier, Ella, live in the San Francisco Bay Area.
It's easy to overdo leftovers, particularly with small dogs; I learned this the hard way when my 11-pound Norwich Terrier, Ella, began gaining weight.
It was thought that their short faces was the only explanation for their breathing problems, but Norwich terriers - which have proportional noses - suffer from a similar breathing problem called upper airway syndrome.
One went so far as to say his "16-year-old daughter and small pack of Norwich Terriers could probably get the stock up 50% to 100% before the end of the quarter." Ouch.

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