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1 Town (1990 pop. 28,700), Norfolk co., E Mass.; settled 1678, set off from Dedham and Walpole and inc. 1872. Chiefly residential, its industries include printing and publishing and the manufacture of plastics, apparel, computer software, and electronic equipment. 2 City (1990 pop. 23,674), Hamilton co., SW Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati; settled early 1800s, inc. 1888. Machinery is manufactured.
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Late last night, or early this morning, an incident occurred at Lower Norwood which points, it is feared, to a serious crime.
There have been further and sinister developments in the investigation at Norwood.
Jonas Oldacre, I stayed at an hotel in Norwood, and came to my business from there.
He said that his mind would not be easy until the whole thing was settled, and he begged me to come out to his house at Norwood that night, bringing the will with me, and to arrange matters.
The cottage from the window of which the Misses Williams had looked out stands, and has stood for many a year, in that pleasant suburban district which lies between Norwood, Anerley, and Forest Hill.
To this end he had given up his house in Weymouth Street, and had taken this opportunity of moving himself, his scientific instruments, and his two charming daughters (he had been a widower for some years) into the more peaceful atmosphere of Norwood.
I hope that you will find Norwood a pleasant residence.
Spenlow remarked, on this occasion, when we concluded our business, that he should have been happy to have seen me at his house at Norwood to celebrate our becoming connected, but for his domestic arrangements being in some disorder, on account of the expected return of his daughter from finishing her education at Paris.
When the day arrived, my very carpet-bag was an object of veneration to the stipendiary clerks, to whom the house at Norwood was a sacred mystery.
Not only was I soon as well known on the Norwood Road as the postmen on that beat, but I pervaded London likewise.
The major had retired some little time before, and lived at Upper Norwood.
ouses and took what we wanted and buried moce of the people, but up that way, Norwood way, there's 'ouses with the glass in the windows still, and the furniture not touched--all dusty and falling to pieces--and the bones of the people lying, some in bed, some about the 'ouse, jest as the Purple Death left 'em five-and-twenty years ago.