Gustav Noske

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Noske, Gustav


Born July 9, 1868, in Brandenburg; died Nov. 30, 1946, in Hannover. Figure of the extreme right wing of the German Social Democratic Party. After the beginning of World War I, a social-chauvinist.

Having become a member of the government—the Council of People’s Commissars—during the November Revolution of 1918, Noske took upon himself the role of a “bloodhound” (his own epithet). He mobilized the military forces of the counterrevolution, which in 1919 crushed the revolutionary actions of the workers of Berlin, Bremen, and other cities of Germany. From February 1919 until March 1920, he was minister of defense. However, Noske was forced to resign after the suppression of the Kapp Putsch of 1920, which was organized by the counterrevolutionary military clique that enjoyed his patronage.


Erlebtes aus Aufstieg und Niedergang einer Demokratie. Offenbach-am-Main, 1947.
In Russian translation:
Zapiski o germanskoi revoliutsii. Moscow, 1922.
Ispoved’ krovavoi sobaki. Petrograd, 1924.
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I have an old 2-1/2X Noske scope made in the 1940s with the elevation dial marked in hundreds of yards up to 800, with a tiny notation saying, ".
Il semble que le genereux donateur ou la genereuse donatrice eprouve beaucoup de joie en douce a ce petit jeu qui court sur une si longue periode", estimait le chef de la redaction locale, Henning Noske, dans une tribune publiee debut fevrier.
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The Haarmann case was used by the Communists to attack the Social Democrats, particularly Hanover police commissioner Gustav Noske, who was an active oppressor of Communist workers, leftists, and radicals.
Donald Franklin and Dr Richard Noske from the CRC for the Sustainable Development of Tropical Savannas, and the Northern Territory University, looked at the bill length and body weight of certain nectarivorous birds (including lorikeets and honeyeaters), and the flower structure of plant species on which the birds fed, to see if bird and flower morphology (structure) were linked.