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Info Select

A personal information manager (PIM) for Windows from Micro Logic Corporation, Midland Park, NJ ( that provides an unstructured method for organizing contacts and notes. Info Select lets the user enter text in a free-form window and retrieve it by searching for any words. One of the first PIMs on the market, Info Select evolved from Tornado Notes.

Although the program contains countless features, many people use it strictly for note taking and only have to remember two keyboard keys (N for New and G for Get), making it as user friendly as ever.

Users Love It, But...
Info Select is one of those addictive apps that never migrated to smartphones, causing devoted users to lament the lack of mobile access. See note taking.

An Info Select Window
Info Select notes are created in blank windows allowing the user to place information anywhere. Users can put as many key words in the note as they like to help them find the information later.
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