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hopping mouse:

see mousemouse,
name applied to numerous species of small rodents, often having soft gray or brown fur, long hairless tails, and large ears. The chief distinction between these animals and the variety of rodents called rats is in size: mice are usually smaller.
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Digestive tract characteristics of the spinifex hopping-mouse, Notomys alexis and the sandy inland mouse, Pseudomys hermannsburgensis in relation to diet.
Additionally, Australia possesses several groups of murid rodents, including two of Australia's most species-rich genera, Notomys and Pseudomys.
What was of interest in the book was his reference to species that were, or at least thought to be, extinct in Victoria, such as the Rabbit Bandicoot (Greater Bilby), Leadbeater's Possum and Mitchell's Hopping Mouse Notomys mitchelli.