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(invertebrate zoology)
One of the short, paired processes on the sides of the body segments in certain annelids.
A lateral expansion of the foot in gastropod mollusks.



one of the lateral processes on the body of polychaetous worms. The parapodia are borne in pairs by each trunk segment and serve primarily as locomotive organs. Parapodia typically consist of a ventral and a dorsal branch. Each branch is equipped with a cluster of bristles and with a tactile antenna, which at times is modified into a gill.

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Adult tubiculous chaetopterids feed by filtering through mucous bags manipulated by the aliform notopodia and cilia of the middorsal food groove (MacGinitie, 1939), and chaetopterid larvae are known to produce mucus (Nozais et al.
Transitory and undispersed light is produced when direct physical stimulation or freshwater are applied to the peristomial palps, feeding structures on the dorsal surface of region B, and notopodia of region C.
Thoracic notopodia bearing a cirriform postchaetal lobe supported by a straight acicula and with a knob-like expansion near base (Fig.
A pair of lateral outgrowths emerge just anterior to the pygidium, which Enders (1909) identifies as the notopodia of segment C1.
The anterior mesotroch degenerates, and the posterior mesotroch becomes incorporated into the aliform notopodia of segment B1, which appear dorsolaterally.