Notre Dame Bay

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Notre Dame Bay,

arm of the Atlantic Ocean, c.40 mi (60 km) long and 50 mi (80 km) wide, NE Newfoundland, N.L., Canada. The Exploits River empties into it. The bay has an irregular shoreline and contains many islands; Fogo Island is east of the bay. There are numerous fishing settlements along the coast, many of which have fish-processing plants; Botwood is the chief town and port.
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A shipwreck in Newfoundland's Notre Dame Bay has been underwater for 30 years, and some area residents are worried about lasting environmental damage that could be caused by leaking oil if a solution isn't reached.
The Journal, featuring the reminiscences of Thomas on the early history of Notre Dame Bay as told to him by his father, surely ranks as a national treasure for researchers of Newfoundland's past, though it apparently remains in private hands.
What made Notre Dame Bay and the Exploits and Gander River systems different from the rest of English Newfoundland were the variety of commodities processed and activities pursued.
Fogo was indeed the gateway to Notre Dame Bay and acted as an embarkation point for trips to "the Labrador.
Nor is there any recognition in the book that the Beothuk had the capacity to change and adapt to new circumstances in the Notre Dame Bay heartland.
Beneath the Gander zone the Moho shallows and reflective upper mantle layers appear to thin along strike towards the northeast, coinciding with an offshore Carboniferous basin in Notre Dame Bay (Chian et al.
Take the Kittiwake Coast scenic route into the picturesque reaches of Notre Dame Bay, where the area around Campbellton and along the shore of Indian Arm is a tableau of red, orange and yellow.