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(software, networking)
A workgroup application suite offering electronic mail and diary scheduling from Novell, Inc.. It can operate on a number of platforms.

Groupwise was previously known as WordPerfect Office, and is an extensible system suitable for LAN or WAN operation. Mail gateway software is available for a number of protocols including SMTP, allowing the exchange of mail with the Internet.


Messaging and groupware software from Novell that provides a universal inbox for calendaring, group scheduling, task management, document sharing, workflow and threaded discussions. Whiteboards and application sharing are available through third-parties. GroupWise clients and servers run on all major platforms.

GroupWise supports a wide variety of mail systems as well as Novell's NDS directory. Text-to-speech and speech-to-wave files let mobile users hear and create e-mail by telephone. Although entirely revamped, GroupWise stems back to WordPerfect Office, acquired by Novell in 1994.

The Universal Inbox
GroupWise provides a universal interface to a variety of collaboration functions that team members perform throughout the day. (Screen shot courtesy of Novell, Inc.)
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In addition to Novell GroupWise, GWAVA will also expand its integrated security, compliance and eDiscovery solution to support Novell's file-sharing, collaboration and mobile management products.
Novell (Nasdaq:NOVL) has announced the availability of the most trusted and secure collaboration platform in the industry running entirely on Linux: Novell GroupWise 6.
Novell Inc has introduced Novell GroupWise 6, the latest version of its collaboration software designed to allow users to communicate and work together across all types of networks.
Novell Inc has extended its GroupWise Internet services software to the mobile Internet with the launch of Novell GroupWise Wireless 1.
Novell customers who plan to deploy Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server or Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 can now take advantage of tight integration and interoperability with their existing Novell GroupWise investment.
The latest version of Novell GroupWise 2012boasts features to support productivity across the enterprise, including an enhanced web interface, web-based iPad* support and integration with Novell Vibe[TM] and Skype*.
Leading Customer Relationship and Business Management System Integrates with Novell GroupWise
The NotifyMDM solution works in conjunction with Novell's Data Synchronizer to provide mobile device management to organizations using Novell GroupWise email platform.
Held by GWAVA, one of Novell's largest collaboration partners for Novell GroupWise and Novell Teaming + Conferencing, the conference enjoyed its best attendance yet.
We are actively engaged in exploring these issues with our customers and, using this input, our engineering teams are focused on delivering solutions such as Novell GroupWise and others that will ensure their success now and in the future.
SAN DIEGO -- GWAVA, one of Novell's largest collaboration partners for Novell GroupWise and Novell Teaming + Conferencing, announced today that Mark Diamond, President and CEO, Contoural, Inc.
May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- HostedEM, a managed services provider, announces the upcoming launch of the first ever Cloud-Based Managed Service for Novell GroupWise in the enterprise collaboration market.

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