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Contract award notice: Conferment of management support to magnetic resonance systems for the hospitals of casale monferrato, Tortona and novi ligure
Applying Kristeva's theory to three prominent murder cases--the serial double homicides of couples that took place in Florence between 1975 and 1984, the Novi Ligure matricide and fratricide of 2001, and the Cogne filicide of 2002--Nerenberg uses crime as a way to explore the larger cultural context of contemporary Italy, and analyze both developments in Italian society and their impact on the collective imaginary.
Novi Ligure (Alessandria): Puntocapo Editrice, 2010.
CYCLING: David Millar remains ninth overall in the Giro d'Italia after finishing 26th in yesterday's 162km fifth stage from Novara to Novi Ligure.
Pineau (QuickStep) was the victor on the 162-kilometres stage from Novara to Novi Ligure as a three-man breakaway held off the peloton until the finish after surging clear.
Claudio Guadagnino, whose 45-strong stable is the only one of numerical significance, has already arranged to transfer to Novi Ligure, a former trotting track which now stages low-grade racing on the Flat and over jumps.
Erika De Nardo and Mauro ("Omar") Favaro were minors (16 and 17, respectively) when the image was captured in February, 2001, the day following the brutal murders of Susy Cassini, Erika's mother, and Gianluca De Nardo, her younger brother, in their home in Novi Ligure.
The collection, transportation and disposal at authorized treatment facilities, the leachate at landfills of non-hazardous waste located in Novi Ligure - old road to Bosco Marengo and Tortona - location Terlucca - classified with ERC 07/19/03.
Contract notice: Execution of sampling and chemical analysis, chemical, physical and biological environmental matrices and waste at the treatment plants and waste disposal of novi ligure and tortona.
Contract notice: Public contract of service of collection, transport and disposal of liquid digestate and leachate produced in installations owned by srt spa of novi ligure and tortona.
Contract notice: Public procurement service of process waste at the platforms of exploitation of tortona and novi ligure, in the province of alessandria.
The new high-speed/high-capacity line will be 53 km long, of which 39 km in tunnels, and is connected to the existing line through 4 interconnections, 14 km long, at Voltri, Genova Parco Campasso, Novi Ligure and Tortona.