Novozhilov, Valentin Valentinovich

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Novozhilov, Valentin Valentinovich


Born May 5 (18), 1910, in Lublin, present-day Poland. Soviet scientist in mechanics; academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966; corresponding member, 1958). Hero of Socialist Labor (1969).

After graduating from the Leningrad Physicomechanical Institute (1931), Novozhilov became a scientific worker in several research institutes. Since 1945, he has been a professor in the subdepartment of the theory of elasticity, department of mathematics and mechanics, Leningrad University. His main works deal with the theories of elasticity and plasticity and the calculation of envelopes and the strength of ship structures. He formulated a theory of finite elastic deformations and a theory of plasticity, taking into account microstresses. He also investigated the St. Venant effect in the dynamics of rods and determined the degree of accuracy in deriving the basic equations of the theory of elastic envelopes and transforming them into complex forms. Practical methods for static and dynamic design of ship structures, and also standards for strength, have been developed based on Novozhilov’s work and under his guidance. He has been awarded two Orders of Lenin, four other orders, and medals.


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