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Nowa Huta:

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, Ger. Krakau, city (1994 est. pop. 751,500), capital of Małopolskie prov., S Poland, on the Vistula. A river port and industrial center, it has varied manufactures including metals, machinery, textiles, and chemicals, and is also an outsourcing center.
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, Poland.
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Zakopianska 33, 30-418 Krakw; ZUS Inspektorat Krakw Nowa Huta, os.
But the heroism of the genre eluded him, as can be seen in what he himself viewed as his finest contribution to the genre, Break at Work in Nowa Huta, 1954, which was heavily criticized by the Communist Party's art establishment for its perceived lack of clarity, its obfuscation of problem-free proletarian togetherness--or, more pointedly, for its indeterminacy.
From there we hopped on a tram and headed for Nowa Huta, which lies just 20 minutes east of the city but may as well be in a different universe.
When workers in Nowa Huta, Silesia, and the Baltic Coast again organized well-targeted strikes in summer 1988, demanding the legal reinstatement of Solidarity, the Polish authorities, fearing that the strikes would again spread nationwide, agreed to new negotiations that resulted in the Roundtable Accords six months later.
The proposals are allegedly based on the mass housing and town planning experience that Miastoprojekt architects acquired through planning the 'socialist new town' of Nowa Huta in Poland.
Unfinished utopia; Nowa Huta, Stalinism, and Polish society, 1949-56.
Sin que ella supiera en esa ensonacion musical que "en las lugubres fabricas de la industria pesada en Nowa Huta, Polonia, o en Bratislava, Eslovaquia, los sistemas de altoparlantes tocaban todo el dia Cucurrucucu Paloma (.
Asumiendo que no habia quimicos alucinogenos en las filtraciones de Nowa Huta, la notoriamente contaminada fundidora a las afueras de Cracovia (donde Szymborska paso casi toda su vida), solo podemos concluir que la grandeza poetica de Polonia es el resultado de un accidente historico: el choque entre una profunda y sempiterna cultura literaria y el mas devastador de los campos de batalla europeos.
Tomasz Urynowicz, 37, from Nowa Huta, has spent 10 years trying to find a girl in the picture, painted 56 years ago.
The Communists' attempt to impose a proletarian element by constructing the new satellite town of Nowa Huta with the Lenin Steelworks did not destroy its character.
JJ McMenamin's failure to dismount from a pulled-up and obviously lame Nowa Huta in the seller earned him a ten-day ban.
Although Nowa Huta has failed to complete the course in two of her four starts since arriving from France, she is worth a second look for the Read All About It At racingdiary.