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These selected proposals will receive networking resources from the EYR partner NRENs ESnet, Funet, Internet2, Janet, and SURFnet, as well as resources from the affiliate partners AARNet, DFN and GEANT.
Playing a pivotal role in Georgetown's participation is Johnathon Chapman, Chief Information Officer at GU-Q, and chair of the Middle East chapter of the Internet2 Emerging NRENs Middle East Special Interest Group," the statement continued.
People here in the UAE didn't really understand what NRENs were about, so the uptake wasn't massive in the beginning of the project," he says.
Here, they will get the opportunity to meet directly with their counterparts at other NRENs, universities and advanced technology organizations to share knowledge and experiences and gain resources and contacts for advancing their goals.
An increased use of SSL server certificates at the NRENs and their user communities, in combination with a growing need for encrypted channels and the introduction of authentication and authorization solutions, encouraged TERENA to investigate a global solution to meet an increasing demand for SSL server certificates and a technology to address security issues such as phishing and other forms of identity fraud.
Such services can be offered by individuals, libraries, computer centers, publishers, networks, government agencies, or a host of other organizations and groups with access to the Internet and the evolving NREN.
Connectivity for the Republic of Ireland~s NREN HEAnet, is delivered through 2 diverse links.
The most appropriate grant administrator may be the Department of Education and not Commerce, which is leading the Clinton administration's NREN efforts.
OCLC's linking strategy: Internet and NREN (Man2706 9208/6770-7M, OCLC).
This prototype service from Infinera will help us to continue to support the ever growing needs of our NREN (National Research and Education Network) partners and the research and education communities we all serve.
Following, he helped conceive and organize CSNet, NSFNet and the NREN at the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Delaware and the Gigabit Testbeds while at the University of Pennsylvania.
NREN (NASA's Research and Engineering Network), a network that provides direct broadband local access and comprehensive network operations support.