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Total quantity or scope: The requirement is to establish contracts for multiple, Unprotected or protected 50 mbps 1 gbps sub wavelength (connectivity) services to access gant network from the central asian nrens and /or connecting the central asian nrens to each other.
Supported by leading NRENs in the United Kingdom (UK), the Netherlands (NL), Finland (FI) and the United States (USA), the EYR program is designed to identify research programs that could significantly benefit from enhanced global network connectivity.
Representatives from Northwestern University Qatar, Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar, Qatar University, The Research Council Oman, Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), and the UAE NREN Ankabut were among those involved in the group.
And then in July, when another agreement was signed between Khalifa University and Etisalat to build a new NREN in the UAE.
En el Peru, desde inicios de 2003 en coordinacion con el Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONCYTEC) y con la participacion de cinco universidades y dos centros de investigacion, se propuso la implementacion de una NREN con el objetivo de interconectar las universidades y los centros de investigacion del Peru, y estos con las otras NREN ya implementadas en el mundo.
The realization of the NREN was projected as a three-stage process.
Their approach to the client-server model on the Internet will provide advanced understanding of both technical and social issues that are critical to laying the foundation for widespread science educational applications of the NREN.
Funding for NREN began with then-Senator A1 Gore in 1991.
Currently, together with its NREN partners, the GEANT pan-European network connects over 50 million users at 10,000 institutions across Europe, supporting scientific research and discovery in areas such as energy, the environment, space and medicine.
The UAE's NREN is managed by Khalifa University (KU) and funded by the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Fund.
We believe that, over time, some significant transition from the OCLC network to the Internet and NREN is likely," said K.
In the Congress and in the administration, the term NREN (National Education and Research Network) had virtually disappeared from use.