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A team of commercial specialists led by Wragge & Co partner David Hamlett, and including senior associate Julia Holdright and solicitor Dermot McGirr, worked closely with the MOD to secure the supply of nuclear reactor cores for its submarines.
A brick in a Teesside nuclear reactor core has baffled scientists by cracking in an unusual way.
Second class captain Alexei Tikhomirov, driven by despair and poverty, managed to break through the wooden fence, saw off the padlock on the warehouse door, lift the lid of a container, and break off three pieces of a nuclear reactor core.
Ever wanted to see a nuclear reactor core in action?
In the research, a team of nuclear engineers and computer scientists at Argonne National Laboratory are developing the neutron transport code UNIC, which enables researchers for the first time to obtain a highly detailed description of a nuclear reactor core.
A Globalise Resistance spokesman said yesterday: "The city centre will witness scenes of a simulated nuclear reactor core meltdown.
F), which is used to cool the nuclear reactor core.
The RIAR facility includes six nuclear research reactors, one of the largest complexes in Europe for post-irradiation examination of nuclear reactor core components, as well as a nuclear fuel research complex, radiochemical unit and radioactive waste management complex.
Abbasi had earlier also spoken about the country's plan to completely replace Tehran nuclear reactor core with new nuclear fuel rods.
By design, cooling water and steam in this so-called secondary process does not mix with water in the primary loop that centers on the nuclear reactor core.
A spate of cracking is occurring in nuclear reactor core shrouds made of an improved stainless steel material, government officials said Wednesday.
Among the new contracts are projects to implement the Company's RELAP5-HD(TM) code, bringing to thirteen the number of installations utilizing this state of the art solution for simulating the intricate phenomena of a nuclear reactor core.

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