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At the launch meeting, thousands gathered in Central Hall, Westminster to found the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
At the same time, these technologies and procedures can also address safety, security, non-proliferation, and classification concerns in a future nuclear disarmament agreement.
Turning to the Conference on Disarmament (CD), he expressed regret that it had fallen short of expectations in fulfilling its raison detre of nuclear disarmament.
Further, without prejudice to the priority we attach to nuclear disarmament, India supports the commencement of negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament on a Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty on the basis of the mandate contained in CD/1299," the statement further read.
Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to nuclear disarmament in a way that promotes peace, security and stability at the regional and global levels.
Following its vote against the proposed negotiations, NATO member and nuclear-armed France said in its explanation of vote (endorsed by the United Kingdom and the United States, both possessors of nuclear arms) that "only a consensus-based approach" could lead to progress in nuclear disarmament.
That is because nuclear-weapon States are not complying with their nuclear disarmament obligations.
Progress in multilateral nuclear disarmament has come to a standstill," he said, adding that tens of billions of dollars have been pledged to maintain and upgrade nuclear weapon systems, and one country - the Democratic People's Republic of Korea - has "repeatedly defied the norm against nuclear testing and the will of the international community in the reckless pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.
Perry (Secretary of Defense, 1994 to January 1997), ex-Senator Sam Nunn (Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee) are also now collectively calling for nuclear disarmament.
Reaching a nuclear disarmament treaty should be a top priority, he added.
It became an official UN document and was cited in Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's 2008 proposal for a Five Point Plan for Nuclear Disarmament.
The Australian government was reportedly leading secret attempts to block New Zealand's push for nuclear disarmament based on the released documents under the freedom of information laws.

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