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Back in the 1980s many of our towns were declared by the local council to be Nuclear Free Zones.
"If Israel and Iran were to indicate a readiness to join a process toward turning the Middle East into a nuclear free zone this would be a major game changer in negotiations on Iran's nuclear program," adds Steven Kull, director of PIPA, a joint program of the Center on Policy Attitudes and the Center on International Security Studies at Maryland.
Although the Dine have declared their nation a nuclear free zone, they are nonetheless threatened by two new uranium projects on the outskirts of their land.
president (and former Florida Representative) Don Fuqua describes urging Deputy Secretary of Defense Donald Atwood to 'issue regulations preempting nuclear free zones....
Replying to yet another question, he said that Pakistan had expressed its concern over recent North Korea nuclear tests; citing that despite the fact that Pakistan wanted a stable and nuclear free zone in its regain, it would rather prefer its own National interests above CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty).
After all, we went unilateral to declare ourselves a Nuclear Free Zone, a stance that always gave me an immense sense of well-being and left me feeling extremely sorry for the poor souls who lived in nearby boroughs who would have been targets in the event of a Soviet H-bomb attack.
"China has agreed to sign the nuclear free zone treaty (to) become the first nuclear state to accede," he told reporters after a meeting between ASEAN foreign ministers and Chinese Foreign Minister Tang Jianxuan.
Declaring Wales a nuclear free zone is not a mature answer, especially if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction on apocalypse day.
He said Mongolia is in agreement with Iran's initiative for a nuclear free zone, and recognizes all countries' rights to use peaceful nuclear technology.
The committee also tackled the possibility the 2012 Finland conference might fail in establishing a nuclear free zone, considering the recommendations of the senior officials committee formed upon a resolution of the Arab League.
It was the last of the old county councils to make such an announcement, allowing supporters to declare Wales a nuclear free zone.
"We oppose any double-standard and selective attitude within the NPT framework and we support a nuclear free zone in the Middle-East," Salehi stated.

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