Nuestra Se–ora de Itat'

Nuestra Se–ora de Itat’

July 16
The town of Itatí is situated on the banks of Argentina's Paraná River. Two days before the well-known festival of Neustra Señora de Itatí, which is held on July 16, thousands of pilgrims begin to arrive from San Luis de Palmar in a seemingly endless procession of people on horseback, in carts, and on foot, carrying flags and an image of St. Louis. Festival goers arrive from all over Argentina as well, not only to honor Nuestra Señora but to enjoy the nightly festivities of drinking and games of chance.
Worship services take place on the 16th in the huge basilica that guards the copper statue of the Virgin, which is more than 24 feet high. Pilgrims even ascend up into the statue until their heads reach the Virgin's crown.
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