Numerical Control System

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Numerical Control System


an automated control system in which signal quantization is effected for both level and duration. Continuous signals arriving at the analogue section of the system (to which are usually connected the controlled object, actuating mechanisms, and measuring transducers) are converted into digital form by analogue-digital converters and are then fed to a digital computer for processing. The processing output is reconverted into continuous signals, which are fed to the actuating mechanisms of the controlled object. Numerical control systems make it possible to improve the quality of control exercised and to optimize the control of complex industrial processes and facilities. Automated control systems for production processes use numerical control.


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In addition, the three parties agree to use the application of numerical control system in solar electric vehicle with the application of numerical control system at the elementary phrase.
The purchase of a CNC router, a computer numerical control system to controls the motion of tools and parts, remove bottlenecks in production, and framing rigs for the final assembly of windows, glass, beading and gaskets improved efficiency.
It consists of an interconnecting adaptive controller (Omunon, 980IES) with a numerical control system (Funuc M-180).
A numerical control system regulates the bottling sequence so that different formats can be used.
A numerical control system with an ultra high-speed microprocessor, the V21 is standard on the company's line of AC servo electric injection molding machines.
The three parties will work closely to carry out a comprehensive cooperation on new energy numerical control system.
A typical application for this requirement would be a computerized numerical control system designed to cut accurate, repeatable paths.
On 29 June 2010, the Company and China Trends jointly announced that, China Innovation, China Trends and China Oriental Numerical Control Company Limited, a subsidiary of CNIGC, entered into a Letter of Intent to cooperate in areas such as running and marketing of CEM operation by applying numerical control system on solar electric cars.
The subsidiary of Germany's DMG, the marketing affiliate of Gildemeister that takes its name from Deckel Maho Gildemeister, recently unveiled Siemens' Japanese-language numerical control system.

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