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, numeric
a. containing or using constants, coefficients, terms, or elements represented by numbers
b. another word for absolute


(computer science)
In computers, pertaining to data composed wholly or partly of digits, as distinct from alphabetic.
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Numerics is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Business Category.
Read more about the Numerics v1.2 update on our blog:
Download Numerics:
The proposed acquisition of Blue Ridge Numerics was announced by Autodesk on 17 February.
"The combination of Visual Numerics' mathematical and statistical expertise with NEC's high-end computing power will help us quickly develop research applications for critical, data-intensive needs in fields such as computational chemistry and astrophysics," said Minsu Joh, head of the Supercomputing Application Technology Department, KISTI Supercomputing Center.
"Given that NEC develops the world's fastest supercomputer, the availability of the IMSL Fortran Library on the unparalleled SX-6 platform gives Visual Numerics a competitive edge in the numerical analysis software market," said Phil Fraher, COO of Visual Numerics.
The IMSL Fortran Library for the NEC SX-6 Supercomputer is available now through Visual Numerics.
Visual Numerics has provided technical software solutions for numerical analysis and visualization for over 30 years.
CTI gave LMS blueprints with locations and dimensions of the lines and numerics, along with all tolerances (which are in the [+ or -] 0.002" range).
With data security and privacy in mind, Numerics does not host any data or store credentials in the cloud.
When it's time to collaborate, Numerics projects dashboards on the big screen via Airplay or HDMI.
On launch, Numerics 1.0 will be available at a special one-time price of $19.99 (or equivalent in another currency) for a limited time, that will include all widgets and widget packs.

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