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An isolated hill, knob, ridge, or peak of bedrock projecting prominently above the surface of a glacier and completely surrounded by glacial ice.
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(an Eskimo word), an isolated rocky peak that projects above the surface of a glacier where the ice cover is relatively thin. Nunataks are common along the rim of the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica.

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In the Eastern Townships, some higher hills showed no sign of this glaciation, which led to introduction of the term 'nunatak' into the text (Chalmers G-1898, p.
THE smallest Live Earth show was in Antarctica - where the band Nunatak were the only group to perform.
SYDNEY Jack Johnson & aborigine playing didgeridoo; TOKYO Japanese singing sensation Kumi Koda; JOHANNESBURG Danny K performs live in South Africa; Flea from the Chili Peppers; Razorlight's Johnny Borrell reaches out; Flying...concert-goer yesterday; WEMBLEY 80,000 fans raising the roof at Wembley Stadium last night; ANTARCTICA The British Antarctic Survey's Nunatak; HAMBURG Shakira and Bianca Jagger (on stage in white) go down a storm; SHANGHAI Sarah Brightman stars in China; WASHINGTON Country star Garth Brooks rocks US; Myleene Klass applauds DJ Chris Moyles Main picture: ANTHONY HARVEY/AP; Paolo Nuttini's on song; Al Gore on stage in Washington yesterday
Gigs on every continent saw Nunatak playing before penguins at a research station in Antarctica.
The five members of indie band Nunatak work at the British Antarctic Survey base.
The scientists at this research station have their own in-house indie band called Nunatak. The five-piece will be making their debut to billions via TV, radio and the internet.
Vlad the Impaler have increased their lead over Nunatak, with Roadrunner and Journeymaker fast on their heels.
3 c Johannesburg - Nunatak 726-A playful two-year-old last year who never stopped taking the mickey and has had the snip as a result!
NUNATAK (nun-a-tack)--a horde of ferocious crucifix-wielding Franciscan Sisters who famously attacked Dalmietta during the Eighth Crusade in 1269 [an isolated rocky peak encircled by a glacier]
They disappeared into the distance toward the snow-covered rock--perhaps a nunatak, lying in wait for global warming to melt the ice and transform its landmass into a real island.