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An isolated hill, knob, ridge, or peak of bedrock projecting prominently above the surface of a glacier and completely surrounded by glacial ice.



(an Eskimo word), an isolated rocky peak that projects above the surface of a glacier where the ice cover is relatively thin. Nunataks are common along the rim of the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica.

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NUNATAK (nun-a-tack)--a horde of ferocious crucifix-wielding Franciscan Sisters who famously attacked Dalmietta during the Eighth Crusade in 1269 [an isolated rocky peak encircled by a glacier]
They disappeared into the distance toward the snow-covered rock--perhaps a nunatak, lying in wait for global warming to melt the ice and transform its landmass into a real island.
1) was thought to have occurred early, while the Plateau may have been a nunatak during the Late Wisconsinan (Rampton et al.
The overriding theme of this year's winners was comfort, including the Nunatak Raku Alpine Bag ($497 to $581).
Krummholz, nunatak, and rock flour are terms that come to life when you hike to a subalpine island of dwarf vegetation (a krummholz), gaze at an isolated outcrop unscathed by a glacier's advance (a nunatak), or dabble your toes in an icy lake colored opaque turquoise by fine glacial silt (rock flour).
A second discovery, the Nunatak Zone is located along trend about 3 kilometers to the southeast of Telluride.
The nunatak plants are very resistant against environmental challenges such as extreme temperatures and UV-exposure.
The first prospect Nunatak resulted in a small gas discovery.
That's where Nunatak, an amateur rock band made up of scientists working at the British Antarctic Survey's base in Rothera, are preparing their set.
Nunatak, the second boat arrived at Whitehaven at 9.
The ACID-3 workshop had three objectives: 1) to describe advances in Atlantic Canada Ice Dynamics research since the first ACID meeting (Gosse, 2002), 2) to consider the Nunatak Hypothesis and evidence for biological refugia, posited for disjunct flora and fauna throughout Atlantic Canada, and 3) to evaluate output from the latest version of the University of Marne Ice Sheet Model (UMISM) and test its plausibility against conceptual models of Atlantic Canada ice dynamics.
7 oz/t Ag The Nunatak Showing: Samples collected by USBM grade up to 2.