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An isolated hill, knob, ridge, or peak of bedrock projecting prominently above the surface of a glacier and completely surrounded by glacial ice.



(an Eskimo word), an isolated rocky peak that projects above the surface of a glacier where the ice cover is relatively thin. Nunataks are common along the rim of the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica.

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The scientists at this research station have their own in-house indie band called Nunatak.
Vlad the Impaler have increased their lead over Nunatak, with Roadrunner and Journeymaker fast on their heels.
3 c Johannesburg - Nunatak 726-A playful two-year-old last year who never stopped taking the mickey and has had the snip as a result
NUNATAK (nun-a-tack)--a horde of ferocious crucifix-wielding Franciscan Sisters who famously attacked Dalmietta during the Eighth Crusade in 1269 [an isolated rocky peak encircled by a glacier]
They disappeared into the distance toward the snow-covered rock--perhaps a nunatak, lying in wait for global warming to melt the ice and transform its landmass into a real island.
1) was thought to have occurred early, while the Plateau may have been a nunatak during the Late Wisconsinan (Rampton et al.
The overriding theme of this year's winners was comfort, including the Nunatak Raku Alpine Bag ($497 to $581).
Age Date Site Location (yr) ice-free Substrate 1 4 km W of Riggs 22 1968 till Glacier terminus 2 3 km N of Nunatak 45 1944 till Cove, at BM "Fred" 3 NE of head of 55 1934 till Goose Cove 4 immediately N of 78 1910 till Klotz.
Dwarfing all is the horizon-filling sweep of the Alsek Glacier, whose two great arms plunge directly into the lake on either side of a nunatak, a central dividing mountain that has managed to with-stand the press of eons.
Krummholz, nunatak, and rock flour are terms that come to life when you hike to a subalpine island of dwarf vegetation (a krummholz), gaze at an isolated outcrop unscathed by a glacier's advance (a nunatak), or dabble your toes in an icy lake colored opaque turquoise by fine glacial silt (rock flour).
Comments: PhytoCellTec nunatak is based on stem cells from Saponaria pumila--a flower that survived the last Ice Cge.