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An isolated hill, knob, ridge, or peak of bedrock projecting prominently above the surface of a glacier and completely surrounded by glacial ice.



(an Eskimo word), an isolated rocky peak that projects above the surface of a glacier where the ice cover is relatively thin. Nunataks are common along the rim of the ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica.

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PhytoCellTec Nunatak is an aqueous extract of these cells, according to Mibelle.
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0 ka, ii) that most highland areas in central, southern, and western Newfoundland were deglaciated within a 2 ka period following this, indicating a collapse of the Newfoundland ice sheet (with the exception of Big Level, a coastal highland in Gros Morne National Park which, in part, was deglaciated around 20 ka), and iii) that the Nunatak Hypothesis failed in all summit areas sampled (including two 'type localities' for the Nunatak Hypothesis--Big Level and St.