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(also Keregetas, Karashoky, Paigozha, Baigozha), a river in Karaganda and Tselinograd oblasts, Kazakh SSR. The Nura is 978 km long and drains an area of 60,800 km.

Located on the Kazakh peneplain (hillocky area), the Nura empties into Lake Tengiz, which has no outflow. At the village of Kunges, the waters of the Nura flow at periods of extreme flooding into the Ishim River by way of the Sarkrama, Kozgosh, and Mukhor channels. Fed mainly by snow, the Nura has a mean flow rate of 19.5 cu m per sec at a point located 369 km from its mouth. In the summer the upper course dries up, while the waters of the lower course are brackish. The river freezes in early November and thaws in April; the upper course freezes solid.

There are two reservoirs on the Nura: the Samarkand Reservoir, which supplies water to the cities of Karaganda and Temirtau, and the Samara Reservoir, which is used for catchwater irrigation.

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