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nuraghe, noraghe

Prehistoric round towers and agglomerations of stone huts peculiar to Sardinia.
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The existence of a true metal workshop provides convincing proof that the Nuragic people employed advanced metallurgical technologies in Late Bronze Age Sardinia;' the researchers assert.
From 1986 to 1989, Gallin directed excavations at a Nuragic site that consists of a central tower, at least three associated towers, and a large surrounding village enclosed by a stone wall.
Nuragic metalworkers at the site probably manufactured bronze objects from the 12th to the 8th centuries B.
Sondaar) and ends with the interesting prospect of Medieval Nuragic archaeology (AD 456-1015; G.
This statement appears in the sixth section, which deals with interactions between nuragic Sardinia and the outside world.
50-52) by myself on the handful of painted Euboean Geometric sherds from the heavily Phoenicianized nuragic village of Sant'Imbenia near Alghero.
In brief, while the Nuragic remains the focus of attention, study of the preceding periods largely languishes compared with that of the Punic, Roman and Medieval; artefacts and monuments exert a hypnotic fascination to the exclusion of pollen, bone or seeds; above all, Sardinia continues to be studied as a phenomenon sui generis rather than one eventual outcome from the matrix of possibilities suggested by the various islands of the Mediterranean.
Naturally, the core of the book addresses the Nuragic Question, although the very validity of a unitary, homogeneous 'Nuragic Culture' is usefully queried by Becker.
Monuments, mobilization and Nuragic organization, Antiquity 65: 840-56.