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nuraghe, noraghe

Prehistoric round towers and agglomerations of stone huts peculiar to Sardinia.
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Going further back in time, several doubts have been raised on the "standard" interpretation of the Bronze-age Nuragic complexes, which puts them in analogy with Medieval castles (see e.
It hosts indeed a Necropolis of hypogea excavated in the rock whose construction starts in the Ozieri phase (around 3200 BC) and goes on up to the Middle Bronze Age, including therefore the Monte Claro phase (in nuragic times a huge Nuraghe was constructed on its summit).
Finally, astronomical alignments -- again to the south-east and in this case concentrated near winter solstice sunrise--are well documented for the Tombe di Giganti of the Nuragic phase (Zedda et al.
Pilgrimage traditions will then cross the whole history of Sardinia: they are, for instance, documented without doubt in the Nuragic phase, being associated with the so called "well-temples" (the most famous ones being Santa Cristina and Santa Vittoria).
The well-temples complexes of nuragic times usually had spaces and structures devoted to the occasional lodging of the pilgrims, and at Monte Baranta (unexcavated) Monte Claro dwellings exist in the upper area to the north of the complex, perhaps to be interpreted in a similar way.
by members of the Nuragic culture, have yielded a variety of copper, bronze, lead, and iron artifacts.
The existence of a true metal workshop provides convincing proof that the Nuragic people employed advanced metallurgical technologies in Late Bronze Age Sardinia;' the researchers assert.
From 1986 to 1989, Gallin directed excavations at a Nuragic site that consists of a central tower, at least three associated towers, and a large surrounding village enclosed by a stone wall.
Nuragic metalworkers at the site probably manufactured bronze objects from the 12th to the 8th centuries B.
The sacred nature of the constructions; the discovery of a nuragic calculator .