Nureddin Atassi

Atassi, Nureddin


Born 1929 in Horns. Political leader in the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR).

A physician by education and profession, Atassi graduated from the medical faculty of Damascus University. In 1950 he became a member of the Baath Party; he led the party organization in Homs. Atassi frequently held the post of minister of the interior in governments formed by the Baath Party. From May through October 1964 he was a member of the Presidential Council of the SAR, and from October 1964 until September 1965 he was deputy prime minister. In February 1966, Atassi became head of the government; on October 29, 1968, he became prime minister as well. In October 1966 he became secretary-general of the Party of the Arab Socialist Rebirth. Atassi paid friendly visits to the Soviet Union in May 1967 and July 1969.

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