Nurmukhamed-Garib Andalib

Andalib, Nurmukhamed-Garib


Born circa 1712; died circa 1780. Turkmen poet.

Using literary and folklore subjects, Andalib created the dastans Leili and Medzhnun and lusup and Zuleikha and the narrative poem Oguz-name. In the narrative poem Nesimi, Andalib related the tragic fate of a 14th-century Azerbaijani poet. In his long lyrical composition Chigir’ Andalib showed the hard labor and wretched lot of the village worker. Many verses of the dastan Leili and Medzhnun have become folksongs.


Leili—Mejnun. Ashkhabad, 1956.
In Russian translation:
In Antologiia turkmenskoi poezii. Moscow, 1958.