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That is because the nursing model of health--a holistic approach that prioritizes wellness, prevention, and primary care--has gained wide acceptance among health care reformers of all stripes.
If the piece was palatable to the British press in 1873, when the original terracotta version was first exhibited, the curvaceous nursing model remains an allegory of la patrie: strong, fertile, wholesome.
Despite concerns over the piloting and development of a new community nursing model in Scotland, there have also been heartening demonstrations of support for the health visiting service there from both GPs and the public.
She describes the basic concepts of the Human Centered Nursing Model, its origins in the work of Josephine Paterson and Loretta Zderad, the implementation of the phenomenological method of inquiry in nursing research, the importance of culture, and ethics.
Key Words: Maori centred practice, nursing model, Maori health, indigenous, kaupapa Maori, Maori nursing.
1, 2008)--"The AACN Synergy Model for Patient Care: A Nursing Model as a Force of Magnetism.
The Rural Health Nursing Model (Long and Weinert, 1999) describes ways that rural cultures are distinctive.
Initiative Two has embraced nurses making the transition from a nursing model to that of a medical treatment model," says Dr.
With an estimated vaccination rate in the nursing model between 22 to 25% (8) and in the physician model of 5%, (8) we calculated an estimated sample size of 88 in each arm to detect a difference in vaccination rates between the two models with an [alpha] 0.
The primary nursing model held significant benefits for nurses, including opportunities for career advancement and a role in the power structure.
Nurse Salopik suggested a new nursing model, which would ensure that each patient's assessment be performed by a licensed nurse.
Willging's otherwise excellent column has to do with failure to consider the most fundamental defect in the nursing home's operating model: It is essentially a nursing model.

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