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It is important as it forms an integral part of the nursing process.
It also became clear that absence of communication was a measure of decreased understanding of the nursing process.
The four components of the nursing process are tried and true: assess, plan, implement, and evaluate.
5] Data obtained by the investigation confirm the role of nurse's professional knowledge in pain assessment and nursing work organization because 98% of respondents consider patient's pain assessment as a constituent of nursing process.
Critical thinking, the nursing process, and a community-based focus are integrated throughout, and information is tested from the viewpoint of nursing intervention.
Nurses employed in Magnet hospitals had higher mean scores than both Magnet-Aspiring and non-Magnet nurses on three subscales: professional practice, nursing process, and positive scheduling climate.
Spiritual assessment is similar to the nursing process in that it is a process that begins when the patient is admitted and continues throughout his/her care.
Every nurse has a role to play on Phillip's team in making Maryland a healthier place, and the Nursing Process of "assess, plan, implement, and evaluate" enables us to do this well.
Those business solutions that pull nursing process out of the equation put the public in peril.
Linda conflates the linear thinking of attorneys with the cognitive sequencing involved in the nursing process and talks about how she brings both to her work at the NLN, along with the empathy and caring of nursing.

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