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river, S China: see ThanlwinThanlwin
or Salween
, Chin. Nu Jiang, Tibetan Chiama Ngu Chu, river of SE Asia, c.1,750 mi (2,820 km) long, rising in E Tibet region of China, and flowing SE through Yunnan prov.
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U , original name Thakin Nu. 1907--95, Burmese statesman and writer; prime minister (1948--56, 1957--58, 1960--62). He attempted to establish parliamentary democracy, but was ousted (1962) by Ne Win


The country code for Niue.
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5,211 out of a total of 6,466 full-time fresh NUS graduates from the Class of 2017 and 595 out of 825 follow-up NUS graduates3 participated in the joint survey.
Higher salaries for NUS graduates in full-time permanent employment
Acknowledged as one of the finest universities in the Asia-Pacific region, NUS is a comprehensive university which offers a broad-based curriculum underscored by multidisciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment.
Nu Skin has completed the initial phase of the Elogex system implementation, which includes online routing, load tendering, appointment scheduling and event management.
Key suppliers are joining Nu Skin's collaborative initiative by tendering inbound shipments based on the Nu Skin routing instructions and then providing updated shipping information.
NUS staff said that until now, they have been running bioinformatics applications for teaching and research without the benefit of supercomputing power.
of Biochemistry, NUS, who is leading this project in NUS and driving the APBioGrid initiative.
Russ Vanos, Vice President and General Manager for Itron's Energy Market Group, said the contract with NU highlights Itron's ability to work with all types of systems and interface with other contractors to provide utilities the most efficient and cost-effective tools in the industry.
With its commitment to leverage the Internet throughout its business, Nu Skin Enterprises needed an e-business solution that would support the sale of its diverse product lines via a network of distributors that spans international boundaries, languages and currencies.
a wholly owned subsidiary of Nu Skin Enterprises Inc.
Nu Skin Enterprises (including Big Planet) and I-Link distributor sales force will be able to sell all of I-Link's Internet protocol (IP) telephony products and enhanced services.
Through its operating units, NU owns 100% of Millstone Units 1 and 2 and 68% of Millstone Unit 3.