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nux vomica

1. an Indian spiny loganiaceous tree, Strychnos nux-vomica, with orange-red berries containing poisonous seeds
2. any of the seeds of this tree, which contain strychnine and other poisonous alkaloids


, Nyassa
Lake. a lake in central Africa at the S end of the Great Rift Valley: the third largest lake in Africa, drained by the Shire River into the Zambezi. Area: about 28 500 sq. km (11 000 sq. miles)



(Malawi), a lake in Africa, in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Malawi. It lies in a faulted depression at an elevation of 472 m. It covers 30,800 sq km, and its depth increases to 706 m toward the northern end, where the bottom lies well below sea level. Its shores are steep, rocky, and high, especially in the north and northeast. The southern part of the basin lies in a broad depression, and the shores are surrounded by a narrow coastal plain. The average annual inflow (river discharge plus precipitation) is about 72 cu km, and the evaporation is about 66 cu km. The lake is drained by the Shire River, which empties into the Zambezi River. It has a seasonal rise and fall of about 1 m. There are also long-term variations related to changes in precipitation and the formation and destruction of sand bars at the source of the Shire River. The lake is rich in fish (about 230 species), especially species of Tilapia, and is inhabited by crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and numerous waterfowl. Strong storms and surf hinder navigation, and passengers are transported only in the daytime. The chief ports are Chipoka, Kota Kota, Karonga, Bandawe, and Monkey Bay in Malawi; Mwaya and Mbamba Bay in Tanzania; and Kobwe and Metangula in Mozambique. The lake was discovered in 1616 by a Portuguese, C. Boccaro.


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Geological forces were starting to tear the continent apart, opening up a gigantic fissure that would eventually run from the Jordan Valley in the north, to Lake Nyasa (now Lake Malawi) in the south.
Johnston relied heavily on the writings of other Britons who had lived and worked in the lake Nyasa region during the last quarter of the nineteenth century.
Colonial Rule, Missionaries and Ethnicity in the North Nyasa District, 1891-1938.
The Tumbuka live in an area that stretches between the western shores of Lake Nyasa in northern Malawi, in the districts of Karonga, Rumphi, and Mzimba up to the Luangwa River in the Lundazi district of eastern Zambia.
nilotica were reported to be found in Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika, and Nyasa by Rendle (1907 in Mshigeni, 1982), Van Meel (1952 in Mshigeni, 1982), Demalsy (1953 in Lumpkin & Plucknett, 1980), and Demaret (1955 in Mshigeni, 1982).
During 1913 and 1937 pandemics, attempts to stop spread southwest from Tanzania focused on blocking a natural corridor between Lakes Tanganyika and Nyasa.
This policy started with the Princess Flying Boat, the idea being that one could only reach across some long distances by landing on water (on Lake Victoria or Nyasa in the case of flights from Europe to South Africa).
Livingstone, David, and Charles Livingstone Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tributaries," and the Discovery of the Lakes Sherwa and Nyasa 1858-1864.
He discovered Lake Ngami (1849), the Zambesi River (1851), the Victoria Falls of the Zambesi (1855), and Lake Nyasa (1859).
Tenders are invited for Pvc Dustbin Cap 60 Ltr With Swing Cover Make Cello, Nyasa Or Rattan
He told an American diplomat that one of the reasons for his appointment was to "move swiftly to Regional Federation before new governments Kenya, NR [Northern Rhodesia], Nyasa [Nyasaland] became institutionalized as to make federation arrangements more difficult.