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nux vomica

1. an Indian spiny loganiaceous tree, Strychnos nux-vomica, with orange-red berries containing poisonous seeds
2. any of the seeds of this tree, which contain strychnine and other poisonous alkaloids


, Nyassa
Lake. a lake in central Africa at the S end of the Great Rift Valley: the third largest lake in Africa, drained by the Shire River into the Zambezi. Area: about 28 500 sq. km (11 000 sq. miles)
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(Malawi), a lake in Africa, in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Malawi. It lies in a faulted depression at an elevation of 472 m. It covers 30,800 sq km, and its depth increases to 706 m toward the northern end, where the bottom lies well below sea level. Its shores are steep, rocky, and high, especially in the north and northeast. The southern part of the basin lies in a broad depression, and the shores are surrounded by a narrow coastal plain. The average annual inflow (river discharge plus precipitation) is about 72 cu km, and the evaporation is about 66 cu km. The lake is drained by the Shire River, which empties into the Zambezi River. It has a seasonal rise and fall of about 1 m. There are also long-term variations related to changes in precipitation and the formation and destruction of sand bars at the source of the Shire River. The lake is rich in fish (about 230 species), especially species of Tilapia, and is inhabited by crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and numerous waterfowl. Strong storms and surf hinder navigation, and passengers are transported only in the daytime. The chief ports are Chipoka, Kota Kota, Karonga, Bandawe, and Monkey Bay in Malawi; Mwaya and Mbamba Bay in Tanzania; and Kobwe and Metangula in Mozambique. The lake was discovered in 1616 by a Portuguese, C. Boccaro.


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The annual report of the South Nyasa (Fort Johnston) district for 1938 recorded: 1,001 `professional' fishermen, 898 fish-traders, and 396 `professional' makers of canoes, nets, ropes, string and floats.
Meanwhile, fresh from mauling Djibouti's Arta Solar 9-1 on aggregate on the continental front, Sharks coach William Muluya is expected to field a strong squad consisting last season's top scorer Eric Kapaito, exciting winger James Mazembe, Sydney Lokale, Duke Abuya and Ugandan target man George Abege.Gor lost 1-0 to Sharks in the KPL Super Cup last weekend and then suffered a similar defeat at the hands of Malawi's Nyasa Big Bullets in the Caf Champions League in Blantyre on Wednesday.
Curiously, my friendship with the much-maligned President Hastings Banda of Malawi was not so much based upon contemporary politics, but on my findings concerning the fact that over a million Nyasa people were refugees from the Mozambican province of the same name.
To stud at 4 years and dam of: Masai Warrior (1987 g by Petorius; winner), Lambada Girl (1988 f by Petorius; winner), Bahi (1989 c by Tate Gallery; Listed winner, Gr3-placed in Australia), Running Spear (1990 f by Commanche Run; unraced), Mountain Hop (1992 f by Tirol; unraced), Rainbow Java (1993 f by Fairy King; winner), Risk Material (1995 c by Danehill; Gr3 winner), Specifiedrisk (1996 f by Turtle Island; unraced), Lake Nyasa (1997 f by Lake Coniston; unplaced), Mr Dinos (1999 c by Desert King; dual Gr1 winner).
The major grammarians who come after Bhartrhari are Vamana and Jayaditya, the authors of the Kasikavrtti ([+ or -] seventh century A.D.), the commentators on the Kasikavrtti, i.e., Haradatta, the author of Padamanjari, and Jinendrabuddhi, the author of Nyasa, and Kaiyata, the author of Pradipa.
Gor Mahia dismissed Malawian champions Nyasa Big Bullets while Lobi Stars eliminated Cameroon's USM de Loum in preliminaries."We are suffering from match fitness as some of our new signings are yet to click and the coach is just settling in.
Say Shepperson and Price: "The War had nor been in existence for six weeks, when the Nyasaland contingent of the King's African Rifles at the northern end of Lake Nyasa was in action on 8 and 9 September 1914 against the Germans at Karonga.
class="MsoNormalOktay will also travel with Gor Mahia to Blantyre as they seek to defend their slim 1-0 win against Nyasa Big Bullets in Caf Champions League preliminary round.
In the year's between the mid-1870s and the arrival of Johnston, land in many parts of the Nyasa regions had been changing hand very rapidly.