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Nydia Egremy es intemacionalista por la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
Nydia Han, a Korean-American, who has been in the field of journalism for more than 20 years, was almost hit by a car when she was about to cross the road Friday.
Perez, William Richardson, Ken Salazar, Maria Elena Salinas, Ricardo Sanchez, Hilda Solis, Lionel Sosa, Julie Stav, Leticia Van De Putte, and Nydia M.
Zamechansky and McVeigh also represented the owners, Howard Jaffe of 857 Concourse Village and Nydia Valentin of 859 Concourse Village, in the sale of the property, where a hotel will be built.
NYDIA MANDAC, televiewer: It was refreshing to see a different Nora Aunor on 'Tonight with Arnold Clavio'-a far cry from her usual timid self during interviews.
Beauty, along with style, music and food is "extremely important to that segment," Nydia Sahagun, a multicultural marketing manager for Target, told Minnesota Public Radio.
Nydia Velazquez (D-NY, 1993-present) is the first Puerto Rican-born woman to serve in Congress.
WEBSTER - A day after Nydia Ruiz became the first person to have her property tagged by the town as part of its nuisance sign program, she and another man became the first people to face charges in connection with the program.
Company shareholders representing more than two-thirds of the outstanding stock dismissed The X-Change Corporation's president and CEO Nydia Del Valle and directors Hugo A Castro, Felipe Tavares, Roland-Sanchez Medina, Jr and Juan M Chacin.
Those in attendance included, from the left, Broward County Judge Carlos Rebollo, president of the Caribbean Bar Association; Cherine Smith; Broward County Judge Marina Garcia Wood; Justice Fred Lewis; PR Bar Outgoing President Nydia Menendez; PR Bar President Marisol Gomez; Broward County Judge John Frusciante; and Second District Regional Vice President Myriam Irizarry.
Nydia Velazquez to protect residents living in apartment buildings in New York City and to provide prospective homebuyers with increased access and information on the benefits of home inspections.