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Mwalimu Julius Nyerere then channelled all his energies in efforts to end armed conflicts in Africa.
When Nyerere met Kenyatta, a famous exchange allegedly took place.
The results flowing from Arusha--described by well-known African historian and political analyst Ali A Mazrui as "intended to be indigenously authentic African socialism"--transformed the country Nyerere inherited from the British.
As co-founder of the Organization of African Unity and a leading figure in the world Non-Aligned Movement, Nyerere played East against West with skill, sending students to universities in the United States and the Soviet Union alike and garnering aid from Western Europe and Communist China.
Former president Julius Nyerere of Tanzania dies aged 77.
Unlike Stalin, Nyerere was an undeniably well-meaning leader; he even hoped, initially, that his people would move into his so-called ujamaa villages of their own flee will.
The military coup d'etat that took place in the wake of the camp Bugendana massacre has seriously jeopardized the efforts to restore peace in the country by the United Nations, the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the East African Heads of State, and the former Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere.
I was always struck by the fact that my great friend Julius Nyerere went and saw him once during the struggle with Ian Smith's Southern Rhodesia for the freedom of Zimbabwe.
This was repeated in one form or another again and again during the negotiations; and although Nyerere, face to face with Kenyatta, never found himself able to repeat it in the presence of the living symbol of African nationalism, his Ministers and officials had no such qualms when facing the racially mixed teams from Uganda and Kenya.
After 30 years, the verdict is unequivocal: capitalism's record is mixed, but socialism - at least of the sort practiced by Kaunda in Zambia, Nyerere in Tanzania, or Nkrumah in Ghana - has been an utter failure.
Representatives from Arcadia University and the East African Community jointly opened the Nyerere Centre for Peace Research (http://www.
Expansion project for Julius Nyerere International Airport in Tanzania.