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1. a strong fabric of hemp, cotton, jute, etc., woven in strips and used under springs in upholstery or for straps, etc.
2. the skin that unites the digits of a webbed foot



linen netting used to make filters for fishing gear (such as seines and traps). There are about 180 types of webbing, with mesh from 5 to 160 mm made of cotton or nylon (kapron) threads twisted twice. Unknotted webbing made of two sets of threads twisted in the course of tying is common.

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The nylon webbing gave way, causing the carabineer clips and D-ring to recoil WELCOMING PRACTICE AWARD 2014 and hit Mr Carneiro in the face.
The cost saving results from use of light polypropylene webbing rather than nylon webbing, and a simplified design that uses less material.
Tenders are invited for Nylon Webbing Sling With Loop At Both End Of Width Of 125Mm, Length 1Ooo Mm, Capacity O5 Ton Effective Length O5 Meters With Test Certificate
Sponsored by city of Eugene Outdoor Program; slacklining drop-in offered in conjunction with tree climbing; slacklining is balance sport that uses nylon webbing tensioned between two anchor points; cost is $5 paid on site; 541-682-5329.
us; 866-477-6723) offers an entire integrated safety system--safety vests, fullbody harness, climbing belt and a superb 20+ Retractor with more than 20 feet of strong nylon webbing stowed in its housing, which uses 'Intelligent Tether' technology to automatically retract and extend the webbing while climbing or descending.
It's a four-point, full body harness made of ultra-strong, 1 1/2-inch nylon webbing that's easy to put on and won't hamper movement.
The 3 Point's synthetic Delrin hardware and hook and loop fasteners and heavy duty nylon webbing combine to provide a comfortable carry.
They consist of nylon webbing, which is cut to size and sewn with Velcro.
They have been testing hi-tech mesh guns which fire huge nets over suspects and trap them in strong nylon webbing.
Now able to withstand more than a splash of water, the collar features a battery cap flush with the battery housing and a strap made of heavy-gauge nylon webbing with a three-quarter inch snap buckle closure.
The head is connected to the padded wrist strap by nylon webbing and available in Prairie Ghost Ultimate or Ridge Ghost camouflage.
The nylon webbing is pulled tight between two trees or other solid points.