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1. a strong fabric of hemp, cotton, jute, etc., woven in strips and used under springs in upholstery or for straps, etc.
2. the skin that unites the digits of a webbed foot



linen netting used to make filters for fishing gear (such as seines and traps). There are about 180 types of webbing, with mesh from 5 to 160 mm made of cotton or nylon (kapron) threads twisted twice. Unknotted webbing made of two sets of threads twisted in the course of tying is common.

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The nylon webbing gave way, causing the carabineer clips and D-ring to recoil WELCOMING PRACTICE AWARD 2014 and hit Mr Carneiro in the face.
Unlike the A-22 cargo container, however, which uses metal hardware and multiple straps of nylon webbing to contain a CDS load, the Natick container used inexpensive fabrics and a simpler design.
But, according to GLS, this attempt compromised the patented process that allowed the TPE to adhere to the nylon webbing and allowed for elongation and shock absorption--thus forfeiting the sling's chief benefit, its ability to stretch and absorb shock.
Currently, erosion-prevention mats are made from more expensive, woven coconut fibers or from wood chips held together with nylon webbing, he says.
They have been testing hi-tech mesh guns, which fire huge nets over suspects, trapping them in super-strong nylon webbing - just like the cartoon hero.
The device, an elastic cord enclosed in a tube, acts as a leash that contracts into a tubular nylon webbing, allowing both walker and canine to avoid playing Twister.
Unlike traditional wooden showshoes that can be up to 5-feet long and 2-feet wide, the shoes the group employed are made of aluminum and plastic nylon webbing and are only about 9-inches wide and 2-feet long.
The seat, back and footrest are made from the same kind of vinylcoated nylon webbing that is used for lawn furniture.
Mitchen often brings up two, three, or four logs simultaneously by popping eye-bolts in all of them, stringing them together with nylon webbing, and attaching an airbag to the webbing.
The Velcro strap holders are hidden underneath strong patches of nylon webbing.
Two nylon webbing panels, each measuring 46 X 14 inches, form belly pads for the divers.