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in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, a sanctuary consecrated to the nymphs. Nymphaea were usually built over springs and consisted of an altar and an open reservoir or building (sometimes a grotto) with a fountain or basin. In Roman architecture in the early first century B.C., nymphaea devoid of any cultic significance were popular. Such structures consisted of a niched wall with fountains.



an ancient Greek city in the Crimea, on the coast of the Kerch’ Strait, near the present-day settlement of Geroevka, 17 km from Kerch’. Founded in the sixth century B.C. on the site of a Scythian settlement, Nymphaeum reached its zenith in the fifth and fourth centuries B.C. Its economy was based on agriculture and the export of grain to Greece. Handicrafts, particularly pottery-making, were also well developed. In the first half of the fourth century B.C., Nymphaeum was incorporated into the Bosporan State. In the middle of the third century A.D. it was totally destroyed by the Goths. Excavations, begun in 1939, have unearthed houses with paved courtyards, streets, water cisterns, a winery, and fortifications. Temples of Aphrodite and of the Cabiri, gods of the underworld, have been excavated on the acropolis. In the ruins of a temple of Demeter along the coast archaeologists have found gifts that had been brought to the goddess—terracotta figurines, vessels, and coins.


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A room decorated with plants, sculpture, and fountains (often decorated with nymphs), and intended for relaxation.
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The latter portion reads: [seviri Au]gustales aquam ab origin[e | perduxeru]nt (or: induxeru]nt) et nymphaeum cum su[is ornamentis]| pon[endum curaverunt].
He took inspiration from those models to sculpt many personified rivers, from the portico reliefs by the Marciana Library and in Piazza San Marco at Venice, where he worked side by si de with Girolamo Lombardo supervised by Jacopo Sansovino, to a nymphaeum for the team of architects that made a Roman villa for Julius Ill, to an Arno in his first commission for Cosimo, the Fountain offuno.
Within a generation this antique nymphaeum was converted into a church.
In recent seasons the project has focused on exploring the urban layout of the precinct surrounding the theatre, and the team has uncovered a Roman nymphaeum and a paved Roman road south of the theatre.
It has not only returned the piano nobile of the historic palace, the garden and adjoining nymphaeum to their former glory, but also transformed an austere Renaissance palace into an inviting and comfortable home.
dissertation: Cologne: 1991), 89 recorded the earliest excavation report from 1875 that placed the panel "in der Nahe des Nymphaeum Alexandri/sog.
5 meters tall, it is part of an emerging complex of buildings, including a Roman bathing monument known as a nymphaeum.
A wealthy Roman almost always included a nymphaeum in his villa: a fountain and basins dedicated to the gods of water and springs (nymphs).
A unique find was made in 1982 at Nymphaeum, a wall-painting showing a ship named Isis with four Galatian shields on board).
The 15th season of excavations into one of Cyprus' largest ancient theatres unearthed a number of significant finds, including fragments of carved marble adornments from the stage and from a monument to the nymphs or nymphaeum.
It's very much near the Hussaini Mosque, Nymphaeum and the Spice Market and less than 40 minutes' trip to the Dead Sea, Jerash and Madaba.
Perhaps the most sophisticated essay in this mode was the Villa Giulia in Rome (1550-55), where the multi-level nymphaeum by Bartolomeo Ammannati (in collaboration with Vignola) has as its climax a caryatid arrangement, with fountain and grotto niches on the lowest, subterranean level.