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Excessive sexual desire on the part of a woman. Also known as hysteromania.



an exaggerated sexual desire in a woman. Nymphomania is caused by endocrine, nervous, or mental disorders. The condition is accompanied by erotic fantasies, and a loss of sexual inhibition leads to casual sexual encounters. Sometimes the term “nymphomania” is used figuratively to describe uncontrolled sexual behavior.

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Before I compare representations of nymphs and nymphomaniacs, I will first provide the context for looking at paintings of nude nymphs, focusing on moral debates concerning female nudity in art exhibited in Britain during the nineteenth century.
Whilst some active sexual assault attempts perpetrated by nymphomaniacs are recorded, in a larger number of cases nymphomaniacs express their symptoms by taking off their clothes and demanding sex.
Nymphomaniacs are frequently described as their own victims, "forced to sacrifice feminine honour and dignity" (1903 p.
Nymphomaniacs, like nymphs, appear as normal women, worryingly making all women potentially pathological.
Kinsey, in particular, by reducing the study of sex to "outlets", notoriously defined the nymphomaniac as "Someone who has more sex than you do.
A contrasting current theory had a different explanation, namely that nymphomaniacs were frigid and it was lack of sexual satisfaction which led women to be oversexed.
Almost any women who seemed to enjoy sex could be called a nymphomaniac by some medical specialist or other and especially if she had a sex drive stronger than that of her male companion.
She plays a staid housewife who is hit on the head and becomes a raging nymphomaniac.
Some of the most appropriate are an absence of waiters, a gross of farts, a spread of nymphomaniacs and a buttload of proctologists, but there's one with which I really can't agree.
I'm going to the annual nymphomaniac convention in the United States.