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Excessive sexual desire on the part of a woman. Also known as hysteromania.



an exaggerated sexual desire in a woman. Nymphomania is caused by endocrine, nervous, or mental disorders. The condition is accompanied by erotic fantasies, and a loss of sexual inhibition leads to casual sexual encounters. Sometimes the term “nymphomania” is used figuratively to describe uncontrolled sexual behavior.

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In popular culture, as this sexual revolution gathered force, female promiscuity was no longer deemed pathological: "nice girls do have affairs, and they do not necessarily die of them" declared Helen Gurley Brown, while psychologist, Albert Ellis in his 1964 Nymphomania: A Study of the Oversexed Woman, wrote that most women popularly portrayed as nymphomaniacs were "nothing but highly-sexed females who would hardly be noticed if they were males
Nymphomaniacs did not have to have a partner to be labeled as such, and much of the nineteenth century history of nymphomania is concerned with masturbation.
She plays a staid housewife who is hit on the head and becomes a raging nymphomaniac.
In this essay, even in the anecdotes spotlighting ridiculous Europeans, Indian men appear only as flatulent buffoons mystified by European technology, and Indian women appear only as scantily-clad nymphomaniacs.
A village not unlike The League of Gentleman's Royston Vasey (with strikingly similar humour), Llareggub's residents include bigamists, nymphomaniacs and cannibals.