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a city in southeastern Guinea, the capital of N’zérékoré Region. Population, 8,600 (1964). The city is a road junction and has an airport. N’zérékoré is the center of an agricultural region producing palm oil, coffee, cocoa, and tobacco. Timber is raised and there is a woodworking industry. Large iron ore deposits are located in the Nimba Mountains east of the city.

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Study sites are numbered: 1, Koundara; 2, Conakry; 3, Kindia; 4, Mamou; 5, Kankan; 6, Gueckedou; 7, Macenta; 8, Nzerekore; 9, Mbam Djerem; 10, Libellengoi Sud; 11, Yaounde; 12, Ekom; 13, North Dja; 14, Bipindi; 15, Mbalmayo; 16, Djoum; 17, Mambele; 18, Campo M'an; 19, Boma; 20, Kimpese; 21, Zongo.
This campaign covered the eight [8] administrative region capitals of Guinea: Conakry, Boke, Kindia, Mamou, Labe, Faranah, Kankan, and Nzerekore. FP services and cervical cancer screening sessions took place at the CERFFO-PCG (French Regional Training Center for the Prevention of Gynecological Cancers) located in the Donka National Hospital in Conakry and the seven regional maternal centers in the cities mentioned above.
As the 18-month epidemic waned in August 2015, Ebola KAP were assessed in a survey among residents of Guinea recruited through multistage cluster sampling procedures in the nation's eight administrative regions (Boke, Conakry, Faranah, Kankan, Kindia, Labe, Mamou, and Nzerekore).
The following districts were included: Kissidougou, Gueckedou, Macenta, Nzerekore and Lola (Forest Guinea), Dubreka, Coyah, Forecariah, Telemele and Kindia (Lower Guinea).
The setting of the initial conditions is driven by the fact that the population of Nzerekore, the region where this 2014 Ebola disease outbreak started in Guinea, is estimated to be 1,663,582 individuals [23].
Fode Tass Sylla, spokesman for the center that coordinates Guinea's efforts to tackle the Ebola virus, said, according to Reuters: "The young girl who was hospitalized at the Ebola treatment center in Nzerekore [city] is dead." It was not immediately clear on how many people from Korokpara, about 60 miles from Nzerekore, have contracted Ebola, but the area had resisted efforts to fight the Ebola virus during the initial epidemic.
UNDP was requested by the Guinea's National Coordination Unit against Ebola to complete existing salaries with incentive pays for the French Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and Alima, three Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) in Donka, Macenta, Kissidougou and Nzerekore.
In the Guinean city of Nzerekore, riots broke out on Thursday night over rumours that health workers had infected people with the Ebola virus, a Red Cross official and residents said.
The organization has set up isolation units for suspected cases in the Southern region of Nzerekore and is looking for people who may have had contact with the infected.