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c.1583–1663, queen of the MbunduMbundu
, black African ethnic group, W Angola. The Mbundu speak Bantu languages and number about 6 million. By the late 15th cent. they had formed the Ndongo kingdom, ruled by the ngola (from which the Portuguese derived the name Angola). Beginning in the early 16th cent.
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 people in what is now Angola. In 1622, she represented her brother, King Mbande of Ndongo, in talks with the Portuguese, who had established a fort at Luanda and were encroaching on Mbundu land in their quest to control the Atlantic slave trade. She converted to Christianity, possibly to seal the treaty that resulted, and adopted the name Dona Ana de Souza. The treaty was not honored, however, and during the subsequent conflict Nzinga succeeded (1624) Mbande after his death. Although she lost control of Ndongo (1626–29), she took power by 1631 in neighboring Matamba, which became her base in her long war with the Portuguese, which continued until 1657. Nzinga was skilled politician and diplomat and courageous battlefield leader, sometimes forming alliances with rival states and the Dutch.


See L. Heywood, Njinga of Angola (2017).

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Queen Anna Nzinga, the monarch of the Ndongo and Matamba Kingdoms in what is now Angola, spent decades fighting to protect her people from the Portuguese and their expanding slave trade.
The honorees for the 14th annual event are: Court-associated Nzinga Hill; Orleans Public Defenders Andrew B.
African women such as Ana Nzinga and Kimpa Vita, Jamaican Nanny, Ana Maria de Cuba, Juana Francisca and Maria de la Conception in Barlovento, Venezuela and others that reflect the female presence in the resistance to the European empire, from the African coasts to America in the pursuit of freedoms.
The solo by Themba Mokoena on Nzinga got the audience all worked up.
Gary, Ebony Noelle Golden, Kearra Amaya Gopee, Stephanie Graham, Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves, Kaitlyn Greenidge, Deana Haggag, Alicia Hall Moran, Gia Hamilton, Carrie Hawks, Robyn Hillman-Harrigan, Kenyatta A.
By turning to Nzinga as a model, she reclaims her history for all of the African diaspora to share.
Noting that Ohio, where the event is taking place, has relatively loose gun laws, Nzinga said that they would make sure to defend themselves.
Earlier in the morning, Scott and FutureLife Foundation Julika Falcorner visited two NGOs where they donated eating bowls for kids; pots; extension cords (50 metres); 5 x (20 litre) water buckets and 50 kiddies plastic chairs, uniform and two laptops for Khanyisani at Stoffelton and at Nzinga areas in Impendle.
For this conversation we focus on the story of Queen Nzinga of Angola.
Manzinga es el plural de Nzinga, una etnia del rio Lindi en el Congo, en donde goberno el rey Nzinga hacia 1570 y la reina NjingaNzinga en el XVII: en kikongo njinga nzinga significa <<reina de la etnia nzinga>>.
But there is also an imposing tribute to a great 17th century Angolan ruler, Queen Ana Nzinga, renowned for her intelligence and wit, who made an alliance with the Dutch to fight the Portuguese and twice routed strong Portuguese armies in 1644 and 1647.