O'Connor, Thomas Power

O'Connor, Thomas Power,

1848–1929, Irish journalist and politician, known as Tay Pay [i.e., T. P.] O'Connor. In 1879 he won public notice for his hostile biography of Benjamin Disraeli. In Parliament he represented Galway (1880–85), then Liverpool until his death, achieving the longest record of unbroken parliamentary service in his era. O'Connor supported the cause of Irish Home RuleHome Rule,
in Irish and English history, political slogan adopted by Irish nationalists in the 19th cent. to describe their objective of self-government for Ireland. Origins of the Home Rule Movement
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 through numerous essays and articles and through fundraising tours in the United States (1881–82, 1918). His most important books were The Parnell Movement (1886) and Memoirs of an Old Parliamentarian (1929).


See biography by H. H. Fyfe (1934).