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O'Higgins, Bernardo

(bĕrnär`thō ōē`gēns), 1778–1842, South American revolutionary and ruler (1817–23) of Chile; illegitimate son of Ambrosio O'Higgins. He was chosen in 1813 to replace José Miguel CarreraCarrera, José Miguel
, 1785–1821, Chilean revolutionist. With his brothers, Juan José and Luis, he overthrew the revolutionary junta headed by Martínez de Rozas in 1813 and dominated Chile until replaced by Bernardo O'Higgins later that year.
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 as revolutionary leader. After the loss at RancaguaRancagua
, city (1990 est. pop. 190,400), capital of Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins region, central Chile, in a fertile valley among the Andean foothills. One of Chile's largest copper mines (El Teniente) is nearby.
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, O'Higgins fled with the remnant of his army to Argentina, where he joined forces with San MartínSan Martín, José de
, 1778–1850, South American revolutionist, b. Yapeyú, in present-day Argentina. After service with the Spanish army in Europe, he returned (1812) to join the revolution against Spain in his native country.
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. Returning to Chile in 1817, San Martín and O'Higgins defeated the Spaniards at ChacabucoChacabuco, battle of,
Feb. 12, 1817, fought between Chilean independence forces and Spanish troops. It took place just N of Santiago, Chile. José de San Martín, with Bernardo O'Higgins, assaulted and decisively defeated the Spanish forces, thus gaining entry into
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. O'Higgins was named supreme director of Chile, whose independence he proclaimed on Feb. 12, 1818. His financial, political, and social reforms aroused much opposition, and in 1823 he was deposed and exiled to Peru, where he remained until his death.


See biographies by J. Kinsbruner (1968) and S. Clissold (1969).

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Al fin y al cabo, se trata del padre de Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme (1778-1842), procer de la independencia de Chile, y esto tiene todavia un gran peso en la historia patria de ese pais.
y La expulsion de los jesuitas--nos presenta O'Higgins, un hombre en pedazos, obra que nos invita a repensar a este procer, cuya epopeya--que comienza con su ocultamiento por parte de su padre y termina con su destierro despues de libertar a Chile--conocemos poco.
La participacion de los agentes estadounidenses en la politica nacional entrega pistas novedosas al respecto, sobre todo en relacion a las luchas facciosas protagonizadas por los seguidores de O'Higgins, Jose Miguel Carrera y Ramon Freire.
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Siendo estas imagenes paradigmaticas un elemento al que social y culturalmente se recurre en las etapas criticas de una sociedad, nos proponemos revisar la funcion atribuida a la imagen historica y culturalmente aceptada de Bernardo O'Higgins en el periodo comprendido entre 1970 y 2008, anos en que el pais transito por grandes convulsiones y profundas transformaciones, centrandonos en los grandes grupos politicos.
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