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5][6][7] Clinical research shows that up to 16 percent of these patients stop taking their prescribed OAP therapy in the first 30 days,[1][8] which leaves them more vulnerable to another heart event and increases by 10-fold their risk of death at one year.
The experts, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, worked out how much money was needed by OAPs to live a decent lifestyle based on the cost of food, a warm home, dental care, transport, opticians and toiletries.
A staggering 294,000 OAPs hold on to the old family house well after their children have moved out, leaving 52 per cent with two or more spare rooms.
Last winter, 1790 people, 1460 of them OAPs, died from cold-related causes.
It has been determined that providing OAP with assistance with basic reporting and monitoring functions will enable more probation officers to intensively supervise high-risk offenders.
Scotland's OAP population is set to jump from 970,000 to more than 1.
For more than 40, 50, 60 years this OAP paid into the pension fund
I am a disabled OAP and the contents of that wallet was all I had to buy my food for Christmas and small gifts for my family.
1 OAP withdraws cash 4 Thief walks off, his victim baffled 3 The elderly man returns to ATM 2 The thief approaches the ATM
DONAT I ON Pictured, from left to right, is Gill Richards from Llanharan OAP Association with development representatives Adrian Bird, Tim Gray and Sarah Taylor.
Prices are: Adult season ticket holder/member Pounds 10, concession season ticket holder/member Pounds 7, adult (non member) Pounds 14 and junior and OAP (non member) Pounds 13.
45pm), Garth OAP Hall, Garth, Maesteg (3pm-4pm), Blaengarw Workingmen's Hall, Blaengarw (4.