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A still from the pilot |episode of OAPs Behaving Badly
The Admission prices for all individual Friendly Competition matches are, Adults pounds 5, OAPS pounds 3 and Children pounds 2.
By my reckoning this now costs us OAPs an extra pounds 1.
OAPS was prepared in two steps by nitration of octa-phenylsilsesquioxane (OPS) in fuming nitric acid to form octa(nitrophenyl)silsesquioxane (ONPS), followed by mild reduction with Pd/C as a catalyst (see Scheme 1) according to references [14, 24].
We have 140 schools still with outside toilets, OAP homes are still being closed and barracks for our Army are not up to scratch.
2 billion of welfare payments went unclaimed last year, DSS figures reveal, with - one example - some 840,000 OAPs failing to claim an average pounds 14.
His cruel cuts could mean OAPs having to choose between heating their homes or eating as they lose up to PS300 in cold weather payments.
THE story that 20 OAPs could die from the cold this winter simply isn't true.
00pm, and tickets can be bought in advance at pounds 8 for OAPs and adults, or pounds 10 for OAPs and pounds 12 for adults on the gate.
I AGREE with Jim Duff (Anger As Free Rides For OAPs On Saltburn Cliff Lift Are Scrapped, News, 06.
MR KAY is under the illusion that people claiming a pension have been OAPs all their lives, and never contributed to the pension by paying tax themselves.
5 million OAPs to struggle to keep warm in winter, with around 25,000 dying each year from cold related illnesses (Help the Aged report).