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(On-Board Diagnostics) A vehicle's electronic troubleshooting system. Dating back to the late 1960s when the first computers were employed in an automobile, the OBD system reports diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) by plugging in an ODB scanner (code reader).

Initially only used by auto mechanics, today, anyone can plug in a scanner to find out why the Check Engine light is on. Units may only display codes, while others report more information, and some can even predict failure.

OBD II Connector Type A (12 Volts)
Standardized as the SAE J1962 interface in 1996 for U.S. vehicles, a scanner plugs in to read the codes. This 16-pin socket is accessible under the dashboard.

Do It Yourself
Car owners can diagnose their vehicles with this handheld scanner. After retrieving the data from the OBD port, the unit is plugged into a PC for a report with suggestions and cost estimates. (Image courtesy of CarMD.com Corporation, www.carmd.com)

Maintenance, Tracking and Wi-Fi
Plugged into the OBD port, T-Mobile's SyncUp sends maintenance notifications in real-time to the user's smartphone. Also used for vehicle tracking, trip history and driving behavior, it can even generate Wi-Fi for passengers (see Wi-Fi hotspot).
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Fecal calprotectin, a degradation product from neutrophil granulocytes from the mucosal layer of the colon, is increased when colonic inflammation is present and has been shown to have high diagnostic accuracy for discriminating OBD from non-OBD in secondary care.
EP OBD, is being manufactured locally in the UAE at EnerPlastics' plant in Jebel Ali, Dubai, using ingredients originated from Middle East and Europe.
Kuan claims that the OBD II gauge saves the cost of adding various kinds of sensors or chips to collect vehicular data, and OBD II gathers very precise data as well as being easy to install.
Operation Model: Internet companies provide internet access, APP, and big-data analysis solutions; OBD enterprises offer in-vehicle diagnosis and maintenance service; insurance companies provide auto insurance claim service.
com says, ''Being based in China means that we can cut out the middle man so that we not only offer our customers professional quality OBD tools that come directly from our approved supplier but we can pass big savings on to them too.
OBD telematics is mainly composed of three parts: OBD terminal (hardware and plug-in OBD interface), software (mobile phone APP) and cloud platform.
The MHub 837 utilizes a Scope proprietary pattern recognition algorithm that analyses OBD and accelerometer data.
The Union Leader reported that the OBD tests are currently "advisory," meaning that vehicle owners are charged for the tests but are not required to make repairs if their vehicle fails.
OBD is already mandatory for new cars in the US and will be compulsory for all new model cars in the EU in 2000.
When solving the distracted driving problem for enterprise fleets it's critical to give them flexibility so they can choose the solution that best fits with their unique requirements" said Matt Howard, ZoomSafer Co-Founder, "Whether integrating into existing telematics systems, utilizing in-vehicle OBD technologies, or implementing software-only GPS-based solutions, the combination of Aegis and ZoomSafer gives customers maximum choice.
com adds Global and China OBD Telematics Industry Report, 2014-2015 market research of 110 pages, published in March 2015, the report is priced at USD 2300 (Single User License), to the Telematics intelligence collection of its store.