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("Oh see!") A parallel logic language.

["Self-Description of Oc and its Applications", M. Hirata, Proc 2nd Natl Conf Japan Soc Soft Sci Tech, pp. 153-156, 1984].

center-to-center, on center

The distance between the center line of one element, member, part, or component (as a stud or joist) and the center line of the next.


(1) See overclock.

(2) (Optical Carrier) The transmission speeds in SONET/SDH networks. See SONET. See also DS.

SONET CIRCUITSOptical  Electrical    SpeedChannel  Channel      (Mbps)

 OC-1      STS-1        51.84
 OC-3      STS-3       155.52
 OC-3c     STS-3c      155.52
 OC-12     STS-12      622.08
 OC-12c    STS-12c     622.08
 OC-48     STS-48     2488.32
 OC-192    STS-192    9953.28
 OC-768    STS-768   39813.12

 OC  = Optical Carrier
 STS = Synchronous Transport Signal
   c = concatenated
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2005;), and less than those reported for OC1 paddling (34 to 67 [degrees], Stanton et al.
QUEST se caracteriza porque solo construye arboles binarios, lo que permite que dicho proceso sea mas rapido que por ejemplo con CRUISE, el cual construye arboles n-arios o que OC1, que tiene particiones oblicuas.
0 +/+ +/+ +/+ -/- OC1 +/+ +/+ +/+ -/- 3445 +/+ (+)/+ +/+ -/- 1330 -/- +/+ +/+ -/- LB1448-MEL.
The effect was independently significant in the target distributions of files OC1 and JB2.
The results of the second factor analysis, shown in Table III, reveal that all items except for OC1 loaded as expected.
This information along with details of the conveyancing firm is used when submitting the OC1 Application form through Hoowla.
OC fractions OC1, OC2, OC3, and OC4 correspond to the carbon released by heat treatment at 120[degrees]C, 250[degrees]C, 450[degrees]C, and 550[degrees]C in helium gas.