Organization of Central American States

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Organization of Central American States


(OCAS; Organización de los Estados Centroamericanos), a regional organization, created Oct. 14, 1951, for the purpose of fostering political, economic, and cultural cooperation between Central American states. Its members are Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The first charter of the OCAS was the San Salvador Charter (1951). With the adoption of a new charter in 1962, the structure of the OCAS took final shape.

The supreme organ is the meeting of heads of government, called when necessary. The principal organ is the conference of foreign ministers; and the permanent organ, with headquarters in San Salvador, is the executive council, which is responsible for the operations of the general secretariat. An exacerbation of disagreements between member states, especially in connection with the armed conflict between Honduras and El Salvador in 1969, led to a crisis in the OCAS.


Esquema informativo de la ODECA. San Salvador [1964].
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