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ODMG allows using into the framework SIM methodology.
Doug is now the ODBMS columnist in Distributed Computing Magazine and the ODMG Update columnist for Database Programming & Design Online.
ODMG compliant programming interfaces are available for Java, C++, Smalltalk and SQL (ODBC).
The combined product will provide an ODMG compliant platform for distributed object computing.
OASIS plays an important role in shaping structured content standards, and we hope to contribute as much to the adoption and success of XML, SGML and HTML standards as we have with our work for the ODMG standard for Object database management.
Because the embedded device market is so fast-paced, Navajo's support for the industry standard ODMG API is critical.
This module implements standard object services like persistence, query and distributed transactions, as defined by OMG and ODMG standards.
Nasdaq: NOVL) announced today that it has endorsed the ODMG Binding for Java(TM), a database storage API specification for Java that is written and published by the Object Database Management Group, an independent standards body.
Objectivity for Java provides a language binding compliant with the ODMG 2.
Novell's commitment to using POET in conjunction with its server-based Java development evidences the strength of Java transparent persistence for application developers based on the ODMG industry-standard.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- Versant Object Technology (Nasdaq: VSNT) announced today the availability of its ODMG 2.