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Under the terms of the transaction, the GlobalLogic business will be acquired by ODSA.
7) used ODSA to study MAH grafting of PP as a model compound of grafted succinic anhydride.
For fluorescence quenching in solution, a series of chloroform solutions with constant Ph and An concentrations and different MAH and ODSA quencher's concentrations were prepared as follows: 8.
0]/F) of An and Ph by MAH and ODSA in chloroform solution are respectively presented in Fig.
SCOPE OF WORK PROVIDE DUE DILIGENCE EVALUATIONS ODSA may receive inquiries for its financial incentives programs from the JobsOhio Network.
If a recommendation for improvement is identified in the review process, ODSA will request that it be presented in writing.
ODSA may receive inquiries for appraisals from either Jobs Ohio and/or any other State Small Business Credit Initiative or Regional State Partner, or in cases in which multiple financing sources exist.
The Development Services Agency s (ODSA) Strategic Business Investment Office on behalf of the ODSA is requesting proposals from contractors to provide (as needed) appraisal evaluation services on assets pledged as collateral on ODSA loans.
OTC Bulletin Board: ODSA) reports that ODSA has entered into a Letter of Intent with a St.
After the employer pays the entire cost of the training and the worker successfully completes the training, the ODSA will be reimbursing the employer for up to half the eligible training costs, up to $4,000 per worker.