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1. (in Britain) a department of the national government
2. in the US
a. a governmental agency, esp of the Federal government
b. a subdivision of such an agency or of a department
3. a place where tickets, information, etc., can be obtained
4. Christianity
a. a ceremony or service, prescribed by ecclesiastical authorities, esp one for the dead
b. the order or form of these
c. RC Church the official daily service
d. short for divine office
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What does it mean when you dream about an office?

Dreams about one’s place of work may simply indicate that one can’t leave work at the office, has too much to do, or too much on one’s mind. An office is often a symbol of authority and of one’s professional esteem and position in the world. Other kinds of meanings are indicated by the nature of a particular office (e.g., the welfare office, a lawyer’s office).

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Microsoft Office

Microsoft's flagship suite of desktop and mobile business applications for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. All versions of the suite include Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet) and PowerPoint (presentations), which date back to the late 1980s and can still be purchased outright. Additional applications are included in Home and Business plans available as annual subscriptions that have to be renewed. For details, see Microsoft 365. See Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Microsoft Office versions and application suite.

Microsoft Office versions

Following is a brief summary of Office versions since its inception in 1989 for the Mac. See Microsoft Office.
    17      Microsoft Office 2019
    16      Microsoft Office 2016
    15      Microsoft Office 2013
    14      Microsoft Office 2010
    13      skipped
    12      Microsoft Office 2007
    11      Microsoft Office 2003
    10      Microsoft Office XP
     9      Microsoft Office 2000
     8      Microsoft Office 97
     7      Microsoft Office 95

Office 2019 (Office #17)
Released in 2018 for Windows 10, Windows Server 2019 and macOS Sierra. Office 2019 uses the same user interface style as Office 2016. See Office 2019.

Office 2016 (Office #16)
Released in 2015, files can be created and edited directly from the desktop. See Office 2016.

Office 2013 (Office #15)
Designed for touchscreens and low-power devices. See Office 2013.

Office 365
Subscription-based version of Office with cloud storage. See Office 365.

Office 2010 (Office #14)
Retained the Ribbon interface introduced with Office 2007 and added numerous features along with sharing and social enhancements. See Office 2010.

Office 2007 (Office #12)
A major update to Office featuring a new Ribbon user interface and new file formats. See Office 2007 and Office file formats.

Office 2003 (Office #11)
Support for XML and data collaboration. Office files could be saved as native XML for easier integration with other applications, and Microsoft's SharePoint portal turned Office into a groupware system administered on a Web server.

Office XP (Office #10)
Added document sharing over the Web, a significant document recovery feature and integrated Hotmail service. Introduced in 2001.

Office 2000 (Office #9)
A major upgrade with numerous changes. More integrated with the Web, Office 2000 added collaboration features and support for opening and saving HTML documents, even doubling as an HTML editor.

Earlier Versions
Office 95 (Office #7) was the first 32-bit version of Office, followed by Office 97 (Office #8), which added Internet integration and Outlook. The formats in Excel 97, PowerPoint 97 and Word 97 were changed, but files could be saved in a dual 95/97 format for backward compatibility. Access 97 files were not backward compatible. The last 16-bit versions of Office were Office 4.x.

   Office for Mac 2019   Intel
   Office for Mac 2016   Intel
   Office for Mac 2011   Intel
   Office for Mac 2008   Intel & PPC
   Office for Mac 2004   PPC
   Office for Mac 2001   PPC

   Office 98      1998   PPC
   Office 4.2     1994   PPC
   Office 3.0     1992   PPC
   Office         1989   Moto
   PowerPoint     1987   Moto
   Excel          1985   Moto
   Word           1984   Moto

   PPC = PowerPC   Moto = Motorola
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References in classic literature ?
It is true that How not to do it was the great study and object of all public departments and professional politicians all round the Circumlocution Office. It is true that every new premier and every new government, coming in because they had upheld a certain thing as necessary to be done, were no sooner come in than they applied their utmost faculties to discovering How not to do it.
No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States; and no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.
On the first floor, divided in two by an entresol, were the living rooms and office of Monsieur Ernest de la Briere, an occult and powerful personage who must be described in a few words, for he well deserves the parenthesis.
News by telegram reached the insurance offices that Lady Montbarry had been advised by her lawyers to leave for London with as little delay as possible.
Can I be not fit for my office? No, I must certainly not say that I cannot see the cloth!'
'Well, you have an office of your own in this building, I believe.'
I can tell you (this is, of course, strictly between ourselves) that the authorities at my office took his advice in a Government case that puzzled the police.
The silver heart left the office, swinging and banging itself independently against the office furniture as it indignantly departed.
Wemmick and I parted at the office in Little Britain, where suppliants for Mr.
Brownlow looked around the office as if in search of some person who would afford him the required information.
The constitution of Carthage is now shifting from an aristocracy to an oligarchy, in consequence of an opinion which is favourably entertained by many, who think that the magistrates in the community ought not to be persons of family only, but of fortune also; as it is impossible for those who are in bad circumstances to support the dignity of their office, or to be at leisure to apply to public business.
In that day there were few salaried editors in the country outside of New York, and the only hope we could have was of some place as printers in an office which we might finally buy.