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The OID is an airborne, micro-pulse polarimetric lidar with a footprint comparable to that of current ice detectors.
The purpose of the OID rules is to prevent purchasers of OID bonds from deferring tax on the interest they are implicitly earning each year until the bonds mature, or until the owners sell, exchange, or otherwise dispose of the bonds.
Meanwhile, the OID issued a bulletin to all licensed P&C insurers and producers to keep their customers on their current policies for 60 days after repairs are completed.
Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii kicked things off at the launch of OiD. Gaining worldwide exposure for his hits Bromance and My Feelings for You, he was recently voted second highest ranked newcomer in DJ Magazine's Top 100 poll.
With an outstanding line-up for December already in place, Dion Mavath has big ambitions for the OiD brand and aims to set a benchmark for night life and the clubbing scene in the region through the OiD concept.
Every actor is characterised by: an OID, a type (T-Act, C-Act or R-Act), a behavior (optional in the case of a C-Act) and a name (obligatory in the case of a T-Act).
In developing this scale, we have followed Ashforth and Mael (1989) who view OID as a special case of the broader concept of social identification, which they define as the perception of oneness with or belonging to some human aggregate.
Our contribution is to demonstrate that the concept of object identity (oid) is a powerful programming primitive for database query languages by: having oids as the centerpiece of a data model with a rich type system, inheritance and a powerful query language, called Identity Query Language (IQL).
Originally a gathering of all the freemen of a tribe, it eventually became an assembly composed of the ealdormen (OId English, "aldermen"), or local chieftains, the bishops, other high civil and religious officials, and sometimes friends and relatives of the king.