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OLC is thrilled to be a part of the energy and life that is being put back into the Sun Valley neighborhood.
For this reason, OLC and NTF will perform research, studies and
Limited rural infrastructure restricts farmers' access to credit -- in 2015 the OLC provided US$174.
Records of the case showed that OLC started in 2014 as a seller of beauty, health and 'anticancer' products that attracted investors with a promise of an 80-percent return on their investment.
whether the OLC framework properly measures and constrains the scope of
Some have even cited the OLC Memo to argue that RFRA should broadly exempt religiously affiliated contractors from the LGBT employment nondiscrimination protections President Obama put in place by executive order in 2014.
Though OLC developed its congressional priorities approach in response to a direct question about the lawfulness of DAPA, the opinion's analytic framework transcends the details of any one scheme of enforcement discretion.
and were looking to upgrade the technology, especially in the OLC.
OLC will be supported by Abantia, a Spanish construction company, which is experienced in terminal construction, and Diseprosa, an engineering company based in Spain.
With respect to the portion of his request that pertained to DOD, OLC initially submitted a so-called 'no number, no list' response instead of submitting the usual Vaughn index, numbering and identifying by title and description documents that are being withheld and specifying the FOIA exemptions asserted.
It is easy to recall the searing national debate that occurred after the public gained access to John Yoo's "torture memo" and other similar OLC opinions from 2001 to 2008 that interpreted executive authority in unprecedented ways, amounting to claims of exclusive and absolute presidential power in the national security realm (U.
While Coverage A addresses the OLC exclusion for direct loss to the building, often overlooked is the need for additional limits for Coverages B and C.